All Important battles of Indian History in 12 Minutes.

In this documentary, we have a list of Historic Battles fought in the History of India. In this Video, we will see the battles which shaped India. All crucial battles fought during the ancient and medieval period of Indian History are included in this video. Below the video, we have mentioned the full article in case if you want to note down the crucial points.

Important Battles in The History of India

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Do You Want to Know How British conquered India? or How did British occupied India? Watch this riveting tale of British East India Company

British East India Company

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Historic Battles mentioned in this video

  1. Battle of Hydaspes -
  2. Kalinga War –
  3. Battles of Tarain –
  4. Battles of Panipat –
  5. Battle of Khanwa –
  6. Battle of Chanderi –
  7. Battle of Kannauj –

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