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Political Spectrum Explained | Left Vs Right

Political Spectrum is explained in this Article/Video. The terms left-wing politics and right-wing politics can often be misunderstood. So, what is the political spectrum and How it looks like? I have explained where political...


How Socialism Ruined My Country

How my country has fared under Socialism. Are people living under socialism better off? South Korea, a country that had much worst colonial history than India. It has witnessed the brutal Japanese colonialism and...


Important Topics of Indian Polity – Laxmikant Polity

Important topics of Indian Polity are explained precisely with solving previous year’s Question Paper. Following is the list of important topics of Indian Polity to Study – Indian Constitution Indian Federalism Fundamental Duties Rights...

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Indian Parliamentary System Explained

Thanks for joining me! Knowledge is of no use untill you put it into Practice. — Anton Chekhov Democracy, it was first introduced by Athenians in Greece during 5th century BCE. Cleisthenes a political...