How Successful People Think – Invent Something New

Hey, Knowledge Seekers – Here are Three Documentaries that are made after studying the biographies of 10 Genius Inventors.

Episode 1 – How To Invent Something New

Let’s find out how successful inventors like Nikole Tesla, Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk get creative ideas.

Episode 2 – Decoding the Mind Of a Genius:

We rely on geniuses to entertain us, educate us, lead us and show us all what humans are capable of. We rely on them to give us smartphones, electric cars, cures for diseases, social networking sites, art, world-class food, and so many other things.

Episode 3 – How Successful Companies Keep Innovating – The Art Of Innovation

Every once in a while a new technology, an old problem, and a big Idea turn into an innovation

Dean Kamen

In the third episode of our series Exploring Creativity and Innovation. We will see How Successful companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook keep innovating.

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