Decoding the Mind of a Genius- How to be a Genius

We rely on geniuses to entertain us, educate us, lead us and show us all what humans are capable of. We rely on them to give us smartphones, electric cars, cures for diseases, social networking sites, art, world-class food, and so many other things.

But have you ever dreamed of playing an important role in mankind’s development as these geniuses do? If you have a burning desire to be able to invent things. This case study is for you.

Today we are going to see How a genius mind thinks? and How you can become a genius? This is the third episode of my Series Exploring Creativity and Innovation. In this article, we are going to see how successful inventors like Nikole Tesla, Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk get creative ideas. This case study is made after studying biographies of 10 Genius Inventors.

How do you define a creative or a genius person?

Throughout our history, we have been trying to define Genius people and trying to find out how a genius thinks. During the period of Thomas Edison and Tesla, people used to say creative people are the gifted ones. Traditionally we all think creativity is a mysterious thing, which can be possessed by only a few lucky ones. In many parts of the world, creativity or being a genius is still associated with the god’s gift or divine inspiration. However, if god really exists. How can a god favor just a few people and not the others? Therefore, I decided to research it and decode it for me and for everyone. After studying the lives of many inventors and geniuses like Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci and many more this is what I found.

I found two abilities in them, which made them unique and seven common personality traits, which made them successful. Let us start with those unique abilities first.


The ability to imagine things, which do not exist. An ability to see beyond the factual knowledge. Knowing facts about things can make you a good lawyer or a journalist but it cannot make you a genius inventor. Before many great inventions, people have thought this is impossible according to the currently available facts. However, geniuses like Einstein never let facts limit their Imagination. Here is a simple trick, which I find very interesting. Creative Geniuses let their imagination run wild, they imagine by using the fullest capacity of their brain. Once they are done with their imagination then they bring science and logic into those things. Every great invention starts with the imagination. After imagination comes science. After the process of Imagination, you need to think about how you can achieve what you have imagined with the help of science.

Case Study – Nikola Tesla

The legendary inventor Nikola Tesla – The man who is the reason we get electricity in our homes. He introduced us to alternating current by building an induction motor. Nikola Tesla read hundreds of books on electricity while imagining all the theories and you know what before inventing that motor, he was literally able to visualize how that motor would work. So, that is the power of imagination and that is how geniuses use it.

Another psychological fact is that even we imagine so many things but most of the time we don’t take them seriously. These geniuses, however, treat each and every thought very seriously. In fact, they spend most of their time analyzing their thoughts.

Now, just imagining things is not enough, is it? There comes the second ability.

Immense Hard Work and Practice

We all have been thinking that it is all about IQ level but that is not true. Henry Ford failed in business several times and was flat broke five times before he founded the Ford Motor Company. Teachers of Thomas Edison once told him that he was too stupid to learn anything. So, how do you explain these things? These people had an average iq level. Therefore, a team of scientists came forward and did research on these geniuses.  They discovered a fascinating genius code – The Ten Thousand Hour Rule.

Ten Thousand Hour Rule

According to this rule, you can learn or master anything you want if you spend learning or practicing that skill for at least ten thousand hours. It means if you spend 8 hours per day, practicing your art or your skill or anything that you want to learn. It would take you about 4 years to be an expert at it. You can notice this kind of dedication in all the successful people of the 21st century.

Now after these two unique abilities. Geniuses have 6 personality traits in common which make them successful.


Knowledge about their field of working – We have seen Eureka incidents like the one, which happened with Archimedes where idea suddenly pops up in his mind while he was taking bath. When Archimedes stepped in the water, he noticed that the certain volume of water is displaced because of his body and that volume must be equal to the volume of his body and that principle is now known as the Archimedes principle. We may think that this was an accident but what we miss here is that before these discoveries he had spent most of his life studying mathematics and scientific principles. Therefore, behind every great idea, there is knowledge involved. Geniuses spend time on researching and studying about their field.

Developing and Sharpening Skills

Sometimes we see these successful people and think why don’t they stop now? They have all the money and fame they want. However, they always try to level up their game. They always sharpen their skills and most importantly they do not stop.

Problem Identifying and Problem Solving Skills

Without the first two skills, you cannot develop problem finding or identifying skill. People will always tell you that if you want to invent something or want to start a new startup you just need to find out a problem and then a solution to that problem. But that is not true, It is not that simple. You cannot come up with an idea unless you have a good amount of knowledge about that field or a subject. You can only rectify or identify a problem if you have a particular level of knowledge about that field or if you have good work experience in that field.

Unique approach and Adaptive skills

Many inventors see things from a different angle they take a different approach and try to modify existing things or technology. There are two kinds of inventions disruptive invention and advanced or a modified invention. Disruptive invention means inventing something new, which people have not seen before and modified invention means getting inspired from that new invention and then making it more effective by modifying it.

Case Study – Satoshi Nakamoto (The Founder Of Bitcoin)

An anonymous person who goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto first invented Bitcoin. It was a disruptive invention something new, which people had not seen before. After bitcoin, many others took inspiration from the blockchain technology, which is the underlying technology of bitcoins. and they invented their own products on the block chain technology so this is a good example of Modified inventions. So coming back to our qualities.

Facing Uncertainty

You have this huge amount of knowledge and skills but what if, you fear about the risk. The risk, which you would need to take for doing or inventing something entirely new. People generally do not support new ideas you need to fight your way out of it and prove yourself.

Take the life story of any inventor you will notice that he has taken many risks in his life. Majority of people around the world do not like uncertainty. Everyone wants to be sure about everything in their life. They want to settle down and have a steady income source. They plan for the next five to ten years and so on. Creative geniuses have survived tough blows in their life they take risks and enjoy uncertainty. Even a Creative genius like Nikole tesla once had to work as a laborer.


Look, you cannot feel motivated if you don’t enjoy or love your work. This is a very basic thing and I think everyone knows it. People who love what they are doing. People who love their jobs. They do not care for rewards and all they are just deeply in love with their work. This quality keeps them going even if everyone is against them and no one is really praising them for their hard work.

An ability to explain your art your product, your service or whatever you have invented

It means making your invention accessible to people.

Your Art, You Service, your product is useless if people don’t find any value in it.

Sometimes people don’t realize that they need some things or some technology to make their life easier. So, you should be able to create that need for your product in people. When apple invented its first iphone steve jobs explained to people that How this device is going to make their life easier.

 If you cannot explain your concept or product in a simple manner, Then you don’t understand it well enough. Start explaining your concepts to your friends, your girlfriend or parents and see how they respond. Explain your concepts by giving day-to-day life examples. Simplify your explanation as much as possible. Imagine that you are explaining your concept to 4th-grade students if they understood it then anyone can.

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