How To Make Decisions: Decision Making Simplified

How to make decisions is the first episode of my new series the School of Life. We are going to discuss decision-making skills and how to be proactive in our day to day life. I have tried to simplify the decision-making process as much as possible. So come let’s learn some decision-making skills.

Your life is an outcome of your decisions. Your decisions make you what you are? Your success depends on your decision-making skills.

Either you can become a creator of your own destiny and live a happy life or you can follow other people’s pieces of advice, their orders and live frustrated and regretful life.  It all depends on your decision-making skill. How we are going to live our life depends on our decisions. Yet when we face difficult decisions. We often hesitate, procrastinate or we typically ask for the pieces of advice from our family, friends, and elders. But letting others define our future or letting them decide how are we going to spend the rest of our life can sometimes lead us to unsatisfied, frustrated and a regretful life. While growing up I have had difficulties in making decisions. Therefore, I decided to do a small research on it and my research took me to ancient scriptures where I found quite satisfying answers.

Decision making in Ancient Sanskrit Scriptures

In ancient Hindu Sanskrit scriptures, people are divided into three types – Followers, Decision Makers, and the Leaders


Followers are the people who depend on others when it comes to decision-making. They let others decide their fate. They lack the courage to be responsible for their own actions. Hence, they are the followers of other people’s wisdom, knowledge, strength, and skills. Followers do not try to discover their own strengths and weaknesses and that is what keeps them confused. They allow the world to write the story of their lives.

Decision Makers

Decision Makers take decisions proactively. They take responsibility upon themselves even if they are not obligated to do so.

The Leaders

True leaders make their own decisions, as well as they, empower others to make decisions. They encourage people to take responsibility and take charge of their life. Leaders have to constantly deal with uncertainty. They give hope to people even when nothing is clear. Decisions made by leaders affect a large number of people.

How these three types of people work in Business Organization –

In business, you need followers as well as decision-makers in your company’s hierarchy.

Employees who contribute to the growth of your company voluntarily. For example, they prepare a report or market research without you asking them to do so. They work for your company voluntarily, proactively because they love what they do. These employees represent the decision makers. They mostly work at the executive levels, or as the heads of the various departments, which needs them to take action or manage people. They work at the designations, which needs them to take action or manage people. These people are always precious to your company’s growth.

Then at the bottom of the hierarchy, you need followers. These employees do things you ask them to do. Nothing more nothing less. You have to always keep telling them what to do.

And at the top, you need a leader, a man who runs a company or CEO of a company.

Good CEO’S and Leaders encourage others to take responsibility for their own departments. Because they understand one man cannot know everything they need people around them to work proactively.

Decision-Making Simplified

Now the good thing. According to Sanskrit texts, it is possible to learn how to make decisions. How to be proactive. How to promote yourself from one level to another. If we are in a follower’s category, we can become the decision makes. If we are in the decision makers category with the increasing experience we can become leaders or at least the creators of our own destiny.

All animals of the earth take decisions all the time, but only humans have the capability to imagine the possible outcomes of their decisions.

It would be easy for us if Netflix sends us a DVD, which shows us the possible outcomes of our choices but decision-making is an art to master.

It would be easy for us if Netflix sends us a DVD, which shows us the possible outcomes of our choices but decision-making is an art to master.

Easy Decisions

One alternative is better than the other. So, it is simple to choose.

Hard Decisions

One alternative is better in some ways, the other alternative is better in other ways and neither is better than the other overall. But New opportunities always come with hard decisions.

Secret Behind Good Decision Making Skills

We all have been told to ask ourselves what do you want to do in your life or what do you want to become? And that makes us confused. Instead of asking these questions, we should be asking ourselves How do we want to spend our lives? And What matters the most in our life?

If it is an important decision about your career and you are facing difficulty in choosing between different jobs or different career.

Calm yourself; take yourself away from people who are trying to influence your decision. Imagine how would be your life in each career; try to imagine what that career or job would bring in your life. If you like, what you are seeing in your imagination then comes the next step

What matters the most?

Happiness is different for everyone. So, different things matter to different people. Some people want loads of money, some want fame, some want a good satisfying life where all needs are fulfilled.

Be Your Own Critique

Ask yourself, do you have what it takes to achieve all that. Imagining good things about your life is one thing but your self-assessment also matters. During this assessment, do not be too hard on yourself if you lack some qualities or skills. You can learn them.

Fear of Uncertainty

The biggest obstacle between you and good decision-making skill is the fear of uncertainty. Fear of taking responsibility Overcome these fears, No person on earth know what the future looks like. All the decisions are based on assumptions. People who are good decision makers do not fear the outcome and they take responsibility for their actions. They never blame others and most importantly, they never live their lives in regret.

On My YouTube Channel – Eclectic – In one of my last video where I showed you, a well-researched case study on the successful geniuses of all time. We saw that the being able to overcome the fear of uncertainty is one of the essential qualities of geniuses, which adds up to their success.

Be Ready To Face Criticism

If you choose a career by going against your family or friends. If you succeed, you will prove yourself to everyone and you will get all the benefits of your good decision. However, if you fail you will have to face the humiliation of being a failure. Accept the fact that your decision can have either good effects or bad effects. In some cases, both good and bad can happen. It is uncertain and unpredictable.

Decision Making and Responsibilities

Your decision affects people according to your position, your designation, and the responsibilities you have. If you are just a student your decision will most likely impact your own life. If you are a father or a mother your decision can impact your family. And If you are a leader let’s say a president your decision is going impact a large number of people. The more the responsibilities on your shoulders more the impact of your decisions.

Example – Trump’s Immigration Policy

Trump’s immigration policies will affect families of many Indian Mexican immigrants. Spouses of H1b visa holder may even lose their job but on the brighter side, many unemployed Americans will get a job their families will be benefited. Unemployment among Americans will decrease. So as the president of the United States It is up to the Donald trump what he decides for American people. So, if you have more responsibilities on your shoulder your decision is going to impact a larger number of people. Therefore, the responsibilities and impacts of your decisions are directly proportional to each other.

That is why billionaire entrepreneur and the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk advises students to face tough decisions early in their lives when they don’t have any responsibilities.

Therefore, the conclusion is there are no bad or good decisions. Making decisions is all that matters and with each decision, you face consequences, responsibilities, and uncertainty.

You can watch more Out of The Box content on My YouTube Channel – Eclectic – About My New Series (The School of Life) – In this series, we will discuss topics related to Self Improvement, Philosophy and Self- Motivation. We will discuss the problems we face in our day to day lives.

Thank You. Keep Growing…

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