How to Effectively Read and Utilize Books – Open Up Your Imagination

How to effectively read and utilize books is the 3rd episode of my series the School of Life. In this, we will see how reading books can make you a successful person. We will see how we can improve our imagination by reading books and also how Successful entrepreneurs, Filmmakers, Investors, Politicians, and Motivational Speakers read and utilize books to become a Successful Personality. Let see how books empower successful people.

Did you know many of the world’s greatest inventions first took shape in the books of visionary authors? Those books introduced humans to seamless different possibilities of the future.

In our life at least once, we ask ourselves how do the successful entrepreneurs get to those revolutionary ideas first? Or how prominent politicians, commentators, and leaders win debates by raising proper issues and mentioning proper incidents at the right time? Why some people are able to think out of the box and others aren’t? Well, all these guys have one habit in common and that is utilizing books properly. Watch this video or keep reading the article both have similar content.

Great Ideas

Artificial intelligence is something people are very fascinated about nowadays. Google, Amazon, Apple, IBM, Facebook are some the big companies who are working on artificial intelligence. But you would be surprised to know that the basic idea of artificial intelligence was first mentioned in the science fiction book Frankenstein written by Mary Shelly in the 19th century. Forget about the 19th Century You can even find the relevance of artificial intelligence in mythology. In Greek mythology, Talon was giant automation made of bronze to protect the Greek islands from pirates and invaders isn’t that fascinating. Take the example of social media. I read a book, the Facebook effect, which describes the history of Facebook. I found out that before Facebook, In the 1970s and ’80s many prominent writers had already mentioned the need for universal free communication which would bring the world closer.

Reading Books and The Power Of Imagination

We tend to think that things mentioned in science fiction or mythology are just imaginary things but that is where we miss our opportunity to invent something new because we deny those possibilities of future we limit our imagination.

How books empower Scientists and Inventors

Scientist and Innovators invest their time in thinking that How they can bring science and logic into these imaginary things to make them real. Scientists let their imagination run wild and then they bring science and logic to analyze all the possibilities of making imaginary things real. Most of the theories of Einstein are based on imagination. Take the example of Elon musk a man behind Tesla electric cars and also a founder of SpaceX. The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy is the favorite book of Elon Musk. Douglas Adams wrote this book. The book describes the story of a last surviving person of the earth who then explores space with the help of aliens. We can clearly see the influence of these science fiction books on Elon’s SpaceX and Elon himself admits it. Elon Musk is determined to take humans into space and start a civilization on Mars. In the beginning, many people made fun of him but now after the successful tests carried out by SpaceX, Taking humans to space and establishing a small society there seems very much possible. This ability to look beyond the known facts and things, which are already proven, comes from reading books.

How Filmmakers and Actors Utilize Books

Books help Filmmakers and Actors to visualize certain events mentioned in the story so that they could recreate those scenes in front of cameras.

When you read a certain described incident from a book, our brain tries to form a mental picture of that event or incident. This phenomenon gives a great boost to your capability of imagination. Great Actors even feel the emotions of the story characters. Because books can connect you with different people and cultures. If you want to know about Europeans, Americans or Africans just read a book related to their culture. You would be able to at least understand the basics of their social structure and cultural fabric. In novels, writers always emphasize on describing the different places, different cultures and different way of lives people have around the world.

Importance of Reading Biographies

If you read the historical biographies of leaders, philosophers, scientist, and many successful people. It helps you to understand their mindset, their way of thinking. You can learn from their experiences and also you can understand how they handled tough situations in their lives. You can have any great mentor you want – Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln anyone. These mentors are today available in the form of books.

Thoughts and experiences of all the great people are today available in the form of books for you to utilize. Humans have transferred their knowledge from one generation to another through books so that the new generation could learn from experiences of past difficulties faced by human civilization.

How Entrepreneurs and Investors Utilize Books

If you want to be an entrepreneur and want a good mentor, you do not have to go anywhere you can learn from them at home. Take the example Sam Walton a man who founded Walmart. He died in 1992 but just one year before that he described his all life in a book his experiences, his learnings, his struggles he mentioned everything in his book. So if you are interested in knowing how to build a world-class enterprise? Go ahead read it!!! the founder of Walmart himself is going to teach you.

Want to become a good investor read the essays of warren buffet that man himself is one of the greatest investors alive.

Even the most successful people on earth take help from books. Successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates read books of authors who write about business, trade, and commerce. This video of bill gates is an excellent example of this.

Now it is interesting how Bill Gates easily understands the fuel consumption problem and need for energy research. He is from a software background how can he know about the energy industry. After all one man cannot know everything. So, answer to that is Vaclav Smil a writer who writes about the energy industry. Vaclav Smil is one of the favorite writers of bill gates. This is how bill gates praised Vaclav Smil on his Youtube channel.

So until now, we talked about how books empower scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs. What about the politicians, commentators and motivational speaker how do they utilize books.

How Politicians and Motivational Speakers Utilize Books

Politicians always keep an eye on books related to economy and social issues also they tend to read more about the history so that they can address the issues by relating those issues with the history and all the previous regimes. When the election comes, Politicians are always good at pointing out the mistakes done by the previous administration because they follow everything written about the economic policies, trade deals, defense strategies of the previous prime minister or a president. In the ancient era, Emperors of big empires like Rome used to hire poets and writers to describe the social and economic health or condition of their kingdom. After living among the people of the kingdom for a few days. These poets and writers used to write a detailed report on how the kingdom is working.

Pay close attention to the motivational speakers. You would notice that they all sing the same song in different rhythms. They always say things like be positive, power of your subconscious mind, channel your energy, the law attraction, and blah blah blah. This happens because they have gained all this knowledge from the world famous self-help and motivational books. Motivational Speakers never provide any simple solution to your problem instead; they give you a profound and very complex and diplomatic solution to every problem. You don’t need all that if you start educating yourself. And I bet, if you read ten to fifteen best self-help books available out there you would be able to deliver a better speech than most of the motivational speakers.

Politicians and Motivational speakers are also good at understanding people because of their wide reading. They understand the fears and weaknesses of people and write their speeches around your fears and weaknesses to indirectly address your fears and Weaknesses.

So do not let your weakness become the strength of politicians and motivational speaker. Start educating yourself.

A typical 300 pages book requires 10 to 15 hours of your time.

If you give 1-hour a day for reading, you can at least read two books a month. I think it sounds manageable. Make sure you always take notes from books if you are reading an informative nonfiction book just like bill gates does it.

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