Kathua Rape Case-An innocent Victim and People hungry for Fame

In January of 2018, Whole India was mourning the death of Asifa Bano. She was 8 years old innocent who became the victim of Evil that still exists in our Society. But, Even after her death, some people were insensitive to that horrible fact. I call those people Opportunists. Opportunists who were in front of cameras all the time portraying themselves as the Saviour of Society while carrying a vicious smile in their hearts, thinking that this can be a chance to be in Limelight. They gave fierce speeches and became the part of the phenomenon which I call the Viral Activism. I will explain what Viral Activism is later in this Article. So this article is going to shed light on those opportunists.

1st on our list are two Ministers of Government.

They are on the first spot because people elected them to serve. Instead of Serving, These two Ministers namely Lal Singh Chaudhary and Chander Prakash participated in the protest asking not to arrest culprits. Therefore,  It shows us What kind of people we are electing to represent us. These ministers had no right to interfere in the Judicial process of  India. These two ministers betrayed the mandate of people.

Deepika Rajawat Singh

OK, So when I talked about fierce speeches in the first Paragraph. I remember Deepika Rajawat Singh giving fierce speeches and posing like superwomen in photos. She said in January that she would fight Kathua case for free. She instantly became famous for her stand on Kathua case. The whole world praised her including the Hollywood Celebrity Emma Watson. But unfortunately, Deepika Singh Rajawat’s interest in the Kathua case was limited to giving fierce speeches and becoming an overnight sensation. Now here is the sad truth, Deepika Rajawat has attended only 2 out of 110 hearings of these case. In last week parents of Kathua Case victim asked the court to drop the “Celebrity” Lawyer Deeepik Rajawat as she only had appeared twice in Court to support Family. I leave the judgment to you people on what to say about Deepika Singh Rajawat.

Emma Watson’s tweet

Shehla Rashid and a Curious case of 35 Lakh.

Shehla Rashid is a so-called activist. She asked people to donate money for the Kathua Case Victim. Shehla told people that the money would be used for the Empowerment of Victims family. But, in a recent interview by News18, Victim’s father told that they did not get any financial help from anyone. 35 lakhs are nowhere to be found. When people started confronting Shehla Rashid on the issue. Shehla deactivated her twitter and refused to come forward to answer all the question. Two days after this incident,  A Charity firm she was working for came forward and showed a passbook in which handwritten entries are mentioned. They claimed that funds are transferred but the Victim’s family is unable to access Money because of banking issues. We will see the truth behind it in the coming days.

Bollywood Celebrities and Occasional Social work

Yes, our beloved celebrities who suddenly become social workers when their films are about to release. Many celebrities went on to say that I am ashamed of being Hindustani and all. I won question celebrities because it is their job to be in limelight. My question to you people because you follow them blindly. I will ask to do a straightforward task. Go right now on the twitter handles of these celebrities and see after that case went out of limelight How many of these Bollywood actors and actresses tweeted about it. You will notice none of these celebrities followed Kathua case briefly after January. If you complete this straightforward task you will realize the brutal reality.

You, Me and Our beloved Social Media

We can’t deny the fact that social media has some of the worst side effects on Human Consciousness. When the news channels were reporting about the Kathua rape case, Our Indian people were asking each other to keep Asifa’s (Victim) photo as a profile pic for the day. First thing is changing profile pic does not change anything in society and second is we all committed a crime under the Protection of Children from sexual offense Act, 2012. We were not supposed to reveal the identity of the victim, yet we posted her photos everywhere. The Delhi High Court issued a fine of ₹10 lakhs (1 million) rupees on twelve media houses in India for disclosing the name of the rape victim as well as other details including the usage of photographs of the victim. Big media houses like The Hindu and NDTV committed the same mistake.

Now Let me tell you what viral activism is, It means only talking about issues which are hurting our society only when cases like Khua rape case goes viral or becomes a media sensation. You can also call Ms. Deepika Rajwat’s activism a Viral Activism. Till the spotlight was on she was there, and then just vanished.

When the next time someone comes to You and asks you to change your profile picture for a social cause, Tell them this ” I don’t want to be a part of Viral activism, instead I will do something for society at least once in my lifetime.

Jai Hind.

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