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In my last article, We discussed the political spectrum. We saw where political ideologies like Socialism, Communism, Conservatism, Capitalism, Environmentalism and lie on the Political spectrum.

Now, In this Article/ Video Left Vs Right, We will try to understand who runs the government efficiently and successfully? and Who fights poverty efficiently? The right-wing or the left wing.

Left Vs Right – History

If you look at the history as well as the current political scenario of the 21st century. Most of the socialist and communist policies of the leftist governments have failed miserably.

French Revolution

Historically, In the French revolution, left-wing overthrew the king. However, it worked efficiently only in the beginning. The French revolution overthrew the monarchy but finally ended up under the dictatorship of Napoleon Bonaparte.

USSR, means the Soviet Union is another example of failed socialism. In addition, Soviet union was the who actually threatened to use nuclear weapons during the cold war. USSR was founded in 1922 and was dissolved in 1991. It lasted roughly for just 70 years.

Left Vs Right in the 21st century,

In the year 2000, Brazil’s economy was growing rapidly. The inflation rate was reduced and private companies witnessed good growth.

Socialism In Brazil

In 2002, the Socialist government came in power under the leadership of Lula Da Silva. He made people believe that transferring money from rich to poor can make poor people rich. It worked well for the first few years because socialism always works in the beginning. However, soon the debt on Brazil government increased. From 2008 to 2015 Brazil’s Economy shrank by 3.8 percent. In the year 2015, a World Bank survey stated that Brazil’s economy is one of the world’s worst economies.

Countries like India and Venezuela are also the examples of failing socialism.

Left Vs Right – Fighting Poverty

In today’s world, the young millennial generation is more leaned towards socialism. They think it is all about giving and helping poor people.

They have been told that socialism is moral but they do not really know if it works. Kids of age 21 feel that they are idealistic but they don’t understand how the real world works. How it feels when government uses your hard-earned money to provide free stuffs and free money to other people. And doing this does not even help those poor people instead it makes them lazy.

Therefore, The left cannot end or fight poverty, they can only make poverty less miserable.

The War on Poverty Program of America

From 1960 to 2010, the US has spent 20 trillion dollars on the war on poverty program but the result is horrible, in all these years us could only reduce poverty by 1.2 percent.

The War on Poverty Program of America
  • The right believes in providing the opportunity to poor people. The right defines success by decreasing the number of poor people who need the government’s help.
  • The left defines success by enrolling more number of poor people in government poverty or welfare programs.

Our goal should never be to make poverty less miserable. Our goal must be to make poverty more escapable.

According to me, Earning your way out of poverty is much more empowering and enduring than being supported by a variety of government programs which do little more than maintain people in their poverty.

Case Study – Developing Countries

2/3rd of the poor people in the world live in five countries – India, China, Nigeria, Bangladesh and the Democratic Republic of Congo. And for the most part, these countries have been ruled by leftist and socialist governments.

India, for example, could have brought more growth after 1950 but India wasted more time in running behind socialism. China, however, was very quick to realize it’s a mistake and started using capitalism for the growth of its economy. Now, People see China as a capitalist country with the communist government. Therefore, there is no doubt that socialism or communism is not good at fighting poverty.

Left Vs Right – Social Life

  • The Left supports the idea of open borders and fewer restrictions on immigration.
  • The Left sometimes believes in bringing diversity to a country and therefore that country can lose its identity.

Case Study – United States

In USA liberals have sympathy towards immigrants and they oppose strict immigration policies but they need to understand if unemployment rises and native citizens of America do not get jobs because of immigrants. This situation can lead the USA into chaos.

People believe many liberals march behind social justice while protecting their own privileges. They are also accused of dividing societies into minority and majority. Even in developed countries like America, this is a serious issue.

There are two parties in America republicans and the democrats.

Democrat is a political party full of left-wingers and liberals. Democrats are considered as the saviors of black people. In elections, black people have mostly voted for Democrats until now, without even knowing the fact that the Democrats were more involved in the slavery of black people than Republicans were.

American rapper Kanye West in one interview said that the liberals try to control black people through the concept of racism. They want all black people to vote for them in every election regardless of the fact that they did nothing to empower the black community.

I believe we need a balanced society we cannot keep providing free money to economically weak as well as we don’t want to give the rich people more control. So, I think maybe the whole idea of Right and left exist in the political spectrum to ensure the balance in power. What do you think? What according to you works best for your country? Is your country seeing growth because of the right wing’s capitalism and free-market policy or is it stagnating because of the left? Feel free to express yourself in the comment section.

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