These Insanely Easy Jobs Can Make Anyone Rich

What jobs can you do that aren’t hard but can still make you rich? Have you ever wanted to have an easy job?

Not all of us were born for a 9 to 5 life in the office. Some folks see the light early and carve a career in ways that are not only beneficial to the soul but handy on the bank balance too.

So how do we get that ideal job? Without further ado let’s take a look at the kind of occupations we should all be striving for.

In this article I’m going to share:- Easiest and Most Lucrative Jobs Regardless of Talent.

A Professional House Sitter

It doesn’t come much easier than being paid to stay in a millionaire’s mansion on a tropical island. Professional International house-sitters borrow the homes of the rich and famous while the owners are jetting around the world doing whatever it is the rich and famous do.

Although the pay isn’t colossal (at around $15,000 a year) house sitting for the rich and famous makes for a great lifestyle and if you were to work remotely on the side. It’s an ideal set-up. Spend the fall in the Cotes d’Azur in a mansion skimming leaves from the swimming pool, the writer in Saint Moritz skiing the slopes, and the summers in a Jamaican resort. Professional house sitters have the luxury of traveling around the world while staying in the plushest of accommodation and being paid for it.

But if staying in someone else’s home while traveling the world doesn’t appeal to you.

A High-End Travel Writer

You get to stay at five-star accommodations around the globe in the finest rooms and be pampered all day long. The finest suite will be at your disposal and the chief will personally recommend the very best dishes from the al la carte menu.

In return for a fair review on the hotel or resort published in a mainstream newspaper or magazine, you have the keys to the palace. These five-start assignments are the gold standard of travel writing.

Both professional house sitters and high-end tourism writers will need to be void of any dependents, carry on significant debts, be tolerant of other people's lifestyles, and feel at ease living out of a suitcase. To maximize earnings while working in this space most are jacks of all trades doing a little freelance writing, website design, journalism, travel writing, and perhaps VDO blogging.

An Island Caretaker

In Australia, the Queensland tourism board gave job seekers the chance to net $150,000 to live for six-months rent-free on the Great Barrier Reef in 2009. The search was for applicants who were comfortable to flit away the day paddling along white Sandy beaches and swimming with turtles in azure waters, before sitting under palm trees and watching the sun lazily set on their tropical paradise.?

Well, it was, The 2009 winner was required to keep a blog and photo diary in each for the $150,000 salary package that includes flights both ways to Tropical Island and comprehensive travel insurance.

Some positions in life favor those who have acquired a certain skill-set through years of goofing off in front of the television or computer screens. While jobs reviewing movies and teat-running new computer games might be fun, perhaps the golden fleece of occupations for the committed gamer is that of an ROV operator.

ROV Operator

ROV Operators

Remote Operated Vehicles are controlled by a select number of personal often recruited from the video gaming space. These undersea vehicles are connected via an umbilical cord to a control panel where agile operators, with a skill honed through hundreds of hours playing computer games, operate these vehicles to undertake repairs and general routine operation on oil rigs. Deep undersea operations are the order of the day here, cables, drill pipes, and aquatic life forms need to be navigated – a bit like the undersea level in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle

ROV Operator needs to have some rare skills.

While some might argue that the finger coordination required to acquire the skills to control a remotely controlled vehicle in adverse undersea conditions is a rare and limited attribute, playing countless video games from dusk till dawn is an enjoyable way to learn something. For such a position you could earn up to $68k per year controlling these cool aquatic vehicles.

Then there are those wild card occupations that it seems difficult to qualify and access but the rewards can be mega. Movie stars, television presenters, pop musicians, reality TV stars, celebrity chefs, etc. Many of these occupations require little in the way of natural talent.

Some celebrities simply happen to be in the right place at the right time and see good fortune pass their way and simply take it.

Being in the right place and knowing the right people is half the struggle when it comes to bettering your job prospects.

So if you are looking to find the most lucrative and easiest jobs perhaps the best advice is to befriend others who already have these kinds of jobs and simply wait for the right opportunity to present itself.

Who knows?
You could become the next lazy millionaire too.

  • So what’s the easiest and most lucrative job you ever had?
  • What do you think are the best ways to make an easy dollar?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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